Imports / Exports

Import Documents

Basic documents need for import in India:

  • Invoice, Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin
  • B/L or AWB
  • Authority Letter (if CHA involved)
  • GATT declaration, IEC no.

Machinery, Equipment, some finished products:

  • Catalogues
  • Technical write-ups, ETC.

Chemical import:

  • Chemical Composition
  • Test bond required by customs.

Processed Food product import:

  • Test Report & composition.

Un-processed food, plant Products, wood import, fruits & seeds import:

  • Phytosanitary Certificate with Fumigation endorsement
  • Certificate of Origin. (if import consignment refries to Plant & protection Quarantine Department then their charges Rs.2500/ per consignment up to 1 MT, after that Rs.75 / per Mt for remaining part )

Importing Toys in to India:

  • Certificate of Conformity by builder of goods has been tested in laboratory registered & permitted with ILAC, MRA (with seal & Stamp) SGS test Certificate, Self-Declaration by Supplier that goods been tested in Laboratory Registered with ILAC.

Import of Fabric, textile goods (knitted, non-woven), imported prayer mat, blanket & coated fabrics Etc..:

  • Azo Dye Inspection Certificate. (colour testing certificate)

Importing Vegetable Seeds:

  • Phytosanitary Certificate
  • Import Permit from PP&Q Department
  • Permission from SCI.

Import of Plastic Granules:

  • PLAT T essential for valuation.

Import under EPCG license:

  • Registered EPCG License
  • Bond com BG, Panelised Undertaking by Importer
  • Bank Covering Letter
  • Signature Attestation From Bank
  • Copy of Board of Regulation, Particles of Memorandum
  • Detail of Previous License.

Import of Ceramic Tiles from China:

  • Form a necessary from Supplier for Customs Duty advantage.

Import of Wine & Whiskey:

  • Test Certificate.

Import Clearance under 100% EOU:

  • EXERCISE Certificate
  • Procurement Certificate
  • Green Card issued from DGFT

Project Imports:

  • manually BE Filling with Customs
  • Master File from DGFT
  • Manual Transactions.
Export Documents requirement:
  • Invoice
  • Packing List
  • IEC, A.D. SDF /GR Forms,
  • Contract- L/C
  • Purchase Order of the overseas buyer.
  • ARE-1, AR4 (both original and duplicate) and invoice.
  • Inspection/ Examination Certificate from the councils related to products
  • Certificate of Origin GSP Form A / Chambers of commerce Certificate of origin.

Metallic ores, Pigments :

  • Certificate of Chemical Analysis

Foodstuffs, Marine products. Flour, Rice, Grains, lumber, plants, and plant materials :

  • HEALTH/ Veterinary/ Phytosanitary Certification.

Export promotion councils:

  • Registration/ certificate with export promotion councils related to commodity.

Export Benefits and incentives schemes:

  • Drawback, DEPB, Advance License / Duty Exemption Entitlement Scheme (DEEC)
  • Export Promotion. Capital Goods Scheme (EPCG)

Agriculture Products, Used Clothing:

  • Fumigation Certificate

Apparel/ Fabric/ Textile :

  • Inspection certificate - Azo dye

Arts & Crafts :

  • Registration with Export Promotion council for handicrafts
Custom Duty Refund: